There is lots about me I could go into but I think I will stick to the basics. 

I’m a 38 year old wife and mother of  20 and 18year old boys and a 14year old girl. I am married to my high school best friend and we have been married 20 years since this last November. Yes he is the father of all three of my children and yes do the math.  I was pregnant at 18 and  still in high school. We were married that same year. Let’s just say 1996 was a busy year. Every big thing most people go through  in their life happened in about 6 months. By everything I mean graduation, having a baby, getting married and moving out of our parents house. It was busy I was writing thank yous for the entire year after. It felt like I wrote them forever. 

I was a stay at home mom for 15 of those years. I worked a few less than part time jobs and did a lot of babysitting. After those 15 years I made the decision to enroll in cosmetology school. I graduated and was licensed one year later. I have been working as a full time cosmetologist and love it! 

I was diagnosed with epilepsy just after I graduated cosmetology school. One year ago I had an epilepsy surgery. To be more specific a craniotomy lobectomy brain surgery. I have been seizure free. 
So this in a nutshell is me. This does not include my likes and dislikes or hobbies. Although I have no hobbies since I have been a busy mom of three for 20 years. Things are calming down now that both of my boys are off to college and my daughter is the only one really at home. Which is why I am Lisa finding the world again. I feel like I have never found myself. I went straight from being a kid to parent and never found me. I am on this journey now to find myself! This is part of my journey. 


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