Sentimental me


    The prompt word for today completely explains me.  I am the most sentimental, emotional person anyone will ever meet.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s a good trait to have.  Everyone tends to get upset at me when I get sentimental.  I don’t mean to be that way it is just the way I am. 

   When I’m at home and I need to express my feelings or something that just bothers me I get a little emotional and my family gets annoyed.  My children are beginning to graduate high school and move on with their lives which makes me a tad bit more emotional.   My husband gets a little annoyed with my sentimental attribute.  He is seeing a lot more of it lately.    When I am at work my coworkers don’t think I can handle criticism when actually I can.  When something happens that causes me to be sentimental I usually cry.  I cry a lot and I guess that throws people off.  It causes them to back off and kind of avoid me.

   One year ago I had a brain surgery to control my epilepsy in which I will write about in a future post.  A complete healing from this surgery takes 1-3 years.  That doesn’t mean physical healing it means I deal with a lot of depression, anxiety and emotions that are out of my control.

   I have always been a sentimental person.    This  experience I have been through has made this worse.  But I am content with who I am and have no intension of trying to change me and the way I am. I guess someday I will find people who can understand me and who I am until then I try to be the nicest person I can and do the best I can to make me happy.  If people can’t handle me then oh well it shows their true colors.  I love being sentimental I feel like it gives me the ability to empathize and sympathize with people.  I work as a hairstylist and I need to be that way to get through my day.


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