One of the strongest women I know

My sister is and has been the strongest woman I know.  Today marks two years of the death of her husband.  He was 38 and diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and 6 months later was gone.  He left behind a 5 year old girl and a 1 year old boy.  Thus leaving my sister a single mom.  I feel like through all the medical care and chemo she did her mourning before he died.  They talked a lot about what he wanted for her if and when he didn’t make it.  Because of this she has stayed very positive and optimistic about her future.  She has bad days as that is a given with the situation.  And it is hard for her to do things as a single parent when both parents are present for school events or tball games.  She even took my niece to a Valentines father daughter dance.    She has given inspiration to most people she knows including her older sister which would be me.  I’ve had a hard year myself medically.  She has made me see the positive in everything I am and have been going through.

Today is a hard one for our entire family as my kids lost their uncle in which they were very close with.  He came to every football game of my oldest on the worst of the worst days for him.  He was a huge football fan and wouldn’t have missed his nephew playing if he didn’t have to.  He came with his fold up Lions chair and screamed his head off for my son.  It meant the world to him to be there and my son to see his uncle Matt there.  My middle son had a big connection with him for super hero and nerd movies.  By nerd movies I mean the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit and so forth.  My husband and I are not into movies like that so it was a huge thing for my son to have someone interested.  Every movie that came out they saw it in Imax.  My daughter was just getting to know him and they loved running around the yard together.  All three of them would play catch with the football in the yard no matter where we were.  He didn’t get to see my oldest graduate and go off to school which he was very excited about.

Matt worked for the Coca Cola company and the day we dropped my son off for the start of his freshman year in college we were driving into town and there is a coca cola plant as you drive into town.  It was a sign to all of us he is here and with us.

Cancer is a monster that took a loved one from us and we miss him horribly.  My sister is doing very well and obviously misses him horribly as well as my niece.   My nephew will never remember only through pictures.  As far as pictures my sister has taken no family pictures or pictures of the two of them down and never has.  As I said she sees this as something that happened and insists on seeing the good.  She has two little ones to raise and they can’t see sadness every day.  She makes the best of every day and for that she is the strongest woman I know.


3 thoughts on “One of the strongest women I know

  1. What a nice tribute to a wonderful man! The love you have for him is strong. It’s great that your family is close knit and can help each other through this. God bless you.

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