I hate snow and yes I know I live in Michigan 

I am not a big fan of snow. I live in the western lower  peninsula and I’ve hated snow for a very long time. And yes I know I live in Michigan. In explaining I do not like snow I always get the “you live In the wrong state”. I know this yet my great great grandparents settled here. Why they stayed in this cold climate I’ll never know.

As a kid I really didn’t enjoy playing in the snow much. I did because my sister loved it and if I didn’t go out and my friends did I would be alone. So I braved the cold temperatures and went sledding and built snow forts and had snowball fights. But it wasn’t my favorite.  My favorite is being warm and seeing the sunshine. When I get cold I don’t warm up quick at all. And my body is working so hard to warm up all I want to do is sleep. When I’m warm I can cool down much easier but to me it can ever be too hot. Most of the time when it snows there is no sun. I need the sun for my wellbeing. I am  happier and  feel better with the sun. Anytime I say I would like to live somewhere south someone always says “you don’t want to live there it’s way to hot you would hate it”. No I won’t hate it as I said the heat doesn’t bother me. I can cool down so much easier than I can warm up. For instance I’ve been freezing all night. We are having a winter storm here. We have about 10 inches of snow. I’m sitting here with a heated blanket on and I’m still cold. If it were summer and I was too hot I could drink some ice water, go jump in my parents pool go to a restaurant with really good air conditioning. Yet I’m sitting here in my house where I have heat I’m wearing warm clothes and I have a heated blanket.

So yes I know I live in Michigan. And it does not change the fact snow is my very least favorite. And someday I’m going to move south and yes there may be cold days but they won’t last quite as long and be as harsh as they are here. And when I live there and there is snow and everyone is freaking over 1 inch of snow I’ll be remembering this day with 10 inches of snow and I’ll be driving around like a boss. I’ll also know that there will be more warmer days then snowy days and The sun will be back soon.  I see green grass in my future. Although it doesn’t look like it spring is coming and literally we’ll have green grass very soon. But someday I’ll be somewhere where green grass in normal!!  Thank you for reading rant about how I hate snow.  #snow



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