To my friends

Dear Friends,

I am starting a blog.  I don’t know what my theme is going to be or what I will write about.  I just want to write.  I’ve always wanted to and kind of researched this a little and decided to try it.  I have just set up my page and am trying to see how this all works.  If you see a post through Facebook it is my blog thru WordPress.  I’m just learning so don’t get annoyed but I’m hoping to get my writing bug out this way.  There are so many things I want to do in my life and some such as traveling have to wait a while.  Other things such as this and maybe getting back into jewelry making I can do now.  My life had been held up for the last several years from medical issues.  I wish I had thought of this before I could have been doing this all along but what has been has been.  Time is of a virtue and I’m not waiting a lifetime to do things I want.  This last year things have been getting back to normal.  Well as normal as they can be.  Our lives and our family is changing really quick with kids growing so fast.   Soon we will be empty nesters I have to try to find who I am again.  Its kind of a weird feeling.  I just had a birthday I’m 38.  I have a 19 year old in college and has his  own apartment.  My  17 year old is graduating in a few short months and my daughter is 13.  I’m too old to be young and I’m too young to be old.  As far as parents go I’m on the younger side as far as kids go I am an old mom.  Well that is not how it’s going to be.  I am myself and that’s who I am going to be but I haven’t seen this girl for about 20 years so it might be a little bit of a hike to find her.  But I’m on my way and I am young enough to do things I’ve always wanted.  I am too old for some things but that’s a different blog.  Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.




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